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Vermi Compost Under Mango Orchard

Vermicompost has been emerging as an important source in supplementing and substituting chemical fertilizers in Agriculture. A number of individuals and institutions are taking interest in the production of vermicompost utilizing earthworm activity. The operational cost of production of vermicompost in a year works out to be 4.2 per kg on average, thus it is quite profitable to sell the compost at Rs. 10/kg. As vermicompost can be produced in any non-economic place with shade, high humidity, and cool temperature, it has a nil operational cost and provides a great scope for earning extra income for the farm. Abandoned cattle shed or poultry shed or unused buildings can be used. It can also be produced in an open area, by providing low-cost thatched roof to protect the unit from direct sunlight.
Vermi Compost Under Mango Orchard

Krishi Vigyan Kendra Tuniki identified a new intervention on the production of vermicompost under mango orchard using galvanized welded mesh ring with the dimensions of 1.6 m diameter, 2 ft height, 5 m circumference, size of the mesh hole is 1inch with a capacity of 1-ton FYM/ring.

Vermi Compost Under Mango Orchard
KVK Tuniki established this unit in KVK farm as there is no guarantee to get the income from the mango orchard every year, due to alternate bearing, climatic conditions and fruit dropping due to heavy winds, etc. Therefore the production of vermicompost can give additional/ subsidiary income to the farmers and the land can be utilized effectively and also no need to apply extra nutrition to mango trees as the excess water is drained into the root zone in the form of vermi wash.

The cost of production of vermicompost in one ring with the capacity of 1000 kg FYM and 35 % of compost recovery is worked out and presented in the following table.

Expenditure and Total Net Income

Capital Expenditure

Recurring Expenditure
Income Per Ring

Total number of rings per acre with a plant to plant spacing of 7 m X 7 m = 86 rings

Total Net income from one acre of mango orchard = Rs. 1,85,760

Vermicompost under shed

Vermi Compost Under Mango Orchard
A small Scale vermicompost unit of size 40 ft X 20 ft have been established in the KVK as a demonstration unit for the farming community. Vermicompost unit comprises 10 pits/beds with well roofed having a size of 15 ft in length, 3 ft in breadth, and 1.5 ft in height. The unit produces about 32 tonnes of vermicompost per annum. The earthworm species i.e Eisenia fetida is being used for vermicompost preparation. KVK gives training and advisory services to the farming community on the production of the vermicompost