Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi
Dr. Ramanaidu Ekalavya Grameena Vikas Foundation
Tuniki, Kowdipally, Medak Telangana - 502 316

Farm Trials


1. Organic cultivation of Rice (Agronomy)

2. Organic Red gram intercropping with millets (Agronomy)

3. Performance of Bengal gram varieties in rainfed situations (Agronomy)

4. In-situ Incorporation of cotton stalks in to soil (Agronomy)

5. Soil fertility management in Bhendi (Soil Science)

6. Soil fertility improvement in rice (Soil Science)

7. Evaluation of methods in microbial decomposition of waste (Soil Science)

8. Assessment of management modules against Fall armyworm in Maize (Plant Protection)

9. Organic farming in rice (Plant Protection)

10. ICM in Guava (Plant Protection)

11. Assessment of organic products for pest management in tomato, bitter gourd under organic farming (Plant Protection)

12. Assessment of organic management modules against viral diseases in Papaya (Plant Protection)

13. Evaluation of Organic measures in Papaya cultivation (Horticulture)

14. Multilayer farming of vegetable crops in organic methods (Horticulture)

15. Evaluation of high yielding varieties of Musk melon in organic methods (Horticulture)

16. Evaluation of high yielding onion varieties in organic methods (New) (Horticulture)

17. Assessment of Bed Former in vegetable cultivation (Agril.Engg)

18. Feasibility testing of Paddy baler (Agril.Engg)

19. Assessment of rain drip micro irrigation system in vegetable cultivation (Agril.Engg)