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Low-Cost Pandal System

Low-cost temporary Pandal system for cultivation of Cucurbit crops or Beans

The main objective of this system is to cultivate the vine-type vegetables by establishing of temporary pandal system with low cost to get good yield and Income. Farmers who are not affordable to establish a permanent pandal system, those farmers can establish this low-cost pandal system as a permanent pandal system costs about 3.5 lakhs per acre. The required materials for the establishment of a low-cost pandal system are bamboo sticks, plastic mesh, and GI wire. The cost involved for the establishment of this system is about Rs.50000 per acre and it can be utilized for 2 to 3 crops. This system will establish in a V-shape structure with the use of 10 feet bamboo sticks by following of spacing between the rows is 2 meters and 3 meters within the row.