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On Farm Trials (2020-21)

1. Demonstration of alternate wet and dry management in Rice (Agronomy)
2. Demonstration of Green gram/ Dhaincha preceding to Rice crop (Agronomy)
3. Integrated crop management in rice variety Jagtial Rice-1 (JGL-24423) (Agronomy)
4. Problematic soils management (Summer)(Soil Science)
5. Soil fertility management in onions(Rabi) (Soil Science)
6. Integrated pest management module in Brinjal (Plant Protection)
7. Management of Pink bollworm in Bt-Cotton (Plant Protection)
8. Integrated oest & diseases management in mango through organic methods (Plant Protection)
9. Integrated Crop Management in Tomato (Horticulture Protection)
10. Integrated Crop Management in Spinach (Horticulture)
11. Integrated Crop Management in Brinjal (Horticulture)
12. Integrated Crop Management in Bitter gourd (Horticulture)
13. Demonstration of low cost Solar fencing (Agril.Engg)
14. Demonstration of manual seed drill for small farmers (Agril.Engg)
15. Demonstrations of multi crop thresher (Agril.Engg)
16. Seed to seed mechanization in rice (Agril.Engg)