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Direct Seeding of Rice with Drum Seeder

Sri N. Ashok progressive farmer of N.jalalpur Village Kulcharam Mandal Medak district. Earlier growing paddy crops by manual transplantation used to require more labor, seed, and time. He came to know about the implement (Drum seeder) for direct seeding of paddy and contacted KVK, Medak from where he got details of its application on the field. Now he is growing paddy successfully using an 8-row manual-operated drum seeder under the supervision of KVK Scientists.

The paddy seed is soaked in water for 24 hours after that seed treatment is performed and the sprouted seeds are filled in boxes of the seeder before soaking the seed paddling of the field is completed. The paddy seed is sown at a row distance of 20 cm. It saved the seed, labor cost of transplanting weeding cost and time requirement is less. The crop matured 10 days in advance and about a 10 percent yield increase is observed The increase in yield was observed to be 24 to 27 q/ac. thus the total income from growing paddy using this technology has increased to the tune of 8000/- per acre.

Yield with Net Returns

Economics details between technology and farmer practice


With this KVK has introduced this technology in Havelighanpur, Chilipched, Shivampet, Narsapur, Kowdipally, Kulcharam and other Mandals of Medak district, a total of 150 farmers were adopted this technology of direct seeding of rice with drum seeder in the district in an area of 60 ha. This technology has reduced the cost of cultivation by 7000 to 10000 Rs. per ac in the drum seeder method compared to the conventional method of rice cultivation and hence direct seeding method using drum seeder is profitable for farmers even if the farmers are getting the same normal/regular yields.


There is a growing acceptance of the drum seeder version due to factors like low seed rate low irrigation water requirement, skipping of nursery and transplanting operations, and subsequently a reduction in drudgery early crop maturity by 7-10 days and higher productivity in the drum seeder method. This is evident from the rise in area under the drum seeder method in Medak district from 0.1 ha in 2020 to 60 ha in 2021

 Chart showing Increase in Total No of Implements, Mandal and Area.

Chart showing Increase in Total No of Implements, Mandal and Area.